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This has to be a joke

As I write this, the country is coming to terms with the sick practical joke that is Brexit. It’s like waking up on the morning of April 1st, and finding out that someone’s swapped your Frosties with cornflakes and sewn the bottom of your trouser legs together. Despite the fact […]

Thoughts on turning 30

Over the course of 2015, I had age-related anxiety dreams a couple of times a week. Sometimes in the dreams I was 17, still at school, with it all in front of me – and then there was a point where my stomach twisted and I realised I was actually […]

Glastonbury 2015 – My verdict

The days immediately following a festival are supposed to be when you pay the price. Your legs ache. Your sunburn stings. Your mystery rash (contracted either from hugging a raver, or urinating in a bush) deepens to a curious shade of fuchsia. Your internal organs burst into tears, and your […]