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The Trumpocalypse

Several times over the last few days, I’ve started jotting some thoughts about the Trumpocalypse, only to stop again abruptly, unsure quite what I’m trying to say. I’m not American – let alone, say, a Hispanic American – and so not directly in the firing line. And any analysis I could […]

A month in Amsterdam

I am writing this from my Airbnb in Berlin, which is home for the next month. Having arrived here just two days ago, there’s a lot to take in – how do the trams work, where’s the cashpoint, why are there two whole supermarket aisles devoted to processed meat. So […]

This has to be a joke

As I write this, the country is coming to terms with the sick practical joke that is Brexit. It’s like waking up on the morning of April 1st, and finding out that someone’s swapped your Frosties with cornflakes and sewn the bottom of your trouser legs together. Despite the fact […]

Echo chambers and election day

What has disheartened me most about today’s election is not just the result (although let’s be clear, that result is is so disheartening you might as well scoop out my brain, lungs and liver while you’re at it). It’s the realisation that my views – and most of my friends’ views […]