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Resisting the ‘Surrender to the Boring’

A few weeks ago, the Guardian ran an article in praise of ‘becoming boring’. It suggested that the nation’s youth are abandoning, en masse, the pleasures of binge drinking in the Balearics, replacing it with a newfound love for crafts and bridge. ‘This surrender to the Boring is largely understandable, […]

Goodbye to Page 3! (And hello again.)

This week the UK went into mourning as we learnt about the end of Page 3. Prayers were said, eulogies were read, and a lone crow circled ominously in the distance. “Goodbye to Kacey, 19, from Wolverhampton,” whispered the mourners. “Goodbye to News in Briefs. Goodbye to the freedom to […]

Why the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad is not OK

By now, everyone and their great aunt Ethel has probably seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad. Everyone and their great aunt Ethel has probably cried over the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad –whatever your thoughts, it’s certainly more powerful than, say, Kerry Katona talking about frozen canapés. For those who’ve been wilfully ignoring it, the […]

My teens in magazines

More! magazine is closing. I’m mildly sad about this, as I imagine you are too, if you’re a youngish British woman whose sex ed was derived entirely from ‘Position of the Fortnight’. I haven’t read More! in years, but it’s what it represents: yet another nail in the coffin for […]