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From London to Leiden

For most of the last decade, when people have asked me where I’m from, I’ve said “London”. Never mind that I wasn’t born there, didn’t grow up there, have few family links there and didn’t move there till I was 22. Forget the fact I vacillate wildly between Northern and […]

Two months of travelling

I have now been out the UK for two months, apart from a quick trip back to Cardiff for a wedding. It’s the longest I’ve been away from my home country in nearly a decade, and the longest I’ve been away from London since I moved there. Of course, there […]

A month in Amsterdam

I am writing this from my Airbnb in Berlin, which is home for the next month. Having arrived here just two days ago, there’s a lot to take in – how do the trams work, where’s the cashpoint, why are there two whole supermarket aisles devoted to processed meat. So […]

Thoughts on going travelling

The year after graduating from uni, I had what was supposed to be a ‘gap year’. Time to travel the world, I thought, before settling down to the 9-5 grind! I imagined myself gazing into the Grand Canyon, walking the Great Wall of China, swimming with sharks. I would fall in […]