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Dry January – the verdict

So I successfully completed Dry January! That is assuming I get through tonight – I still have to manage to brush my teeth without knocking back a shot of mouthwash. But barring any meltdowns of this kind, I’ve made it safely through to the other side. Oceanic February, here I come. In […]

Dry January – the rationale

I’ve never really trusted the concept of Dry January. Year after year, the health squad trundles out the same advice – that the liver naturally ‘detoxifies’ itself anyway, and 31 days off the sauce is unlikely to do much good. According to the British Liver Trust, “A one-hit, one-month attempt to […]

Because bodies aren’t always battlegrounds

In last Saturday’s Guardian Weekend, Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett made a confession. Despite identifying as a feminist, she hates her body, claiming it has ceased ‘to be a vessel that carts [her] around through life and has become a battleground’. This wasn’t the deep dark dredge through the soul you might expect […]