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On running the Bacchus 10K at eight months pregnant

Eight years ago, I ran the Bacchus Half Marathon – an undulating trail run, starting and finishing in a vineyard, with fancy dress encouraged and wine at the drinks stops. Unfortunately, I was far too competitive and time-fixated to take advantage of the wine at the drinks stops. As I […]

Losing my voice

In 2021, I almost achieved a lifelong dream. A book I had been writing – a book that had been my focus throughout the first year of the pandemic, and on my mind for many years before that – went on submission to publishers, and I got my hopes up. […]

Failed experiments in manifestation

If you’ve ever dipped your toe, even briefly, into the rapids of New Age spirituality, you’ve probably come across the word ‘manifestation’. Along with ‘love and light’, and calls to ‘raise your vibration’, ‘manifestation’ is one of those words you’ll find on your kooky cousin’s Instagram feed next to a […]

Interesting times

We are living in interesting times. I keep thinking about what I’d have made of any given headline if I’d seen it a year ago, taken out of context. Schools close? Cities in lockdown? Major global recession? Even something as minor as a toilet paper shortage would have blown my […]

On end-of-decade retrospectives

As the decade draws to an end, the temptation to go into retrospective mode is overwhelming. You can’t click on a website without running into the ‘best films / TV shows / albums of the 2010s’. You can’t use Spotify without being haunted by your own questionable previous listening choices. […]

London at its best and very worst

Shortly after midnight on Sunday night, I walked from Finsbury Park station to the Travelodge on Isledon Road. Almost concurrently (I don’t know whether slightly before or slightly after), a van swerved onto the pavement outside the Muslim Welfare House, killing one and injuring 11 in an anti-Muslim terrorist attack. […]